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Who is Apostle Sadie Willis?

Pastor/Founder/CEO of Highway to Heaven Love Ministry (1&2). For more information see the About Us page.

What denomination is Highway to Heaven Love Ministry?

We are a non-denominational church (part of the five-fold ministry) founded in 2004.

Does Apostle Sadie Willis have any other churches?

Apostle Willis is the Pastor of Highway to Heaven Love Ministry (1&2).

What can Highway to Heaven do for me?

Highway to Heaven is place where people are healed, delivered, restored, and made free from their bondage. You are taught the Word of God in a practical way so that you may apply it to your daily life. You are taught to live holy through deliverance and restoration.

Is Highway to Heaven family oriented?

Yes, she is the mother of two children, and three step-children. She is the grandmother of 20 grandchildren and the God Mother of two children. She has a special love for families and believes that the children that make up the family are a gift from God. Her ministry strives to keep families together. Activities in the ministry are family oriented. She views the members of Highway to Heaven as one large family of believers serving the one true and living God and His son, Jesus Christ.   

When are your service times?

Highway to Heaven Worship Center, Houston, TX

Sunday Service 11:15 A.M.

Tuesday Night Live/Bible Study @ 7:15 PM

Via Conference call line 

(605) 313-4835/ Access code 484187#

Highway to Heaven Love Ministry, Matthew, NC

Sunday Service 11:00 AM

Bible Study every other Tuesday 7:00 P.M 


ACCESS CODE: 484187# 

Canton Jones


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